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Baby Blue


Born on November 26, 2002 in Manila, Philippines.

Hobbies/Special Skills: Ends up crying when playing the MOBA game Mobile Legends. Unable to get rid of her habit of biting her thumbs since she was a baby. Loves purple.


Born on December 18, 2002, in Manila, Philippines.

Hobbies/Special Skills: Prefers artificial houseplants (fake green). Would rather spend time at the beach than at home. Gets energized when praised.


Born on January 5, 2001 in Manila, Philippines.

Hobbies/Special Skills: Enjoys composing music and drawing pictures, and would like to hold a solo exhibition someday. Prefers skirts over pants. Loves suspense and horror movies.



Baby Blue, a new subunit under MNL48 – an AKB48 group based in Manila, Philippines, consists of 3 teenaged MNL48 members: COLEEN – the poster child of the social media generation with 3.1 million followers on TikTok, AMY who boasts an impressive singing ability, and JAN – the leader of the subunit.

Armed with high quality songs incorporating an authentic R&B sound spiced with elements of hip-hop and EDM, and cool performances, Baby Blue made its spectacular debut in September 2020 with the digital single "Sweet Talking Sugar".

With its eye set on worldwide success, the R&B song, which features lyrics completely in English, achieved over 480,000 views on YouTube and charted #1 in its native Philippines.

That same year in November, the subunit released its 2nd digital single "NEGASTAR" which has a heavy R&B sound overflowing with a hip-hop taste.

"NEGASTAR" has recorded over 390,000 views on YouTube.

On April 21, 2021, Baby Blue released its 3rd digital single "Stuck On You".

Baby Blue Official Account

- Instagram: @Babyblueph_Official

- Twitter: @Babyblue_HHE

- TikTok: @Babyblue_Mnl48Official

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